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Tracks include Business & Leadership, Jetcomm, Operations, Sales & Marketing and Technology & Innovation. For a complete list of sessions and to download the presentations, download the myDscoop app. A preview of the sessions is provided below.

Fireside Chat Coffee with Alon Bar-Shany

Alon Bar-Shany, General Manager Indigo, HP

Alon Bar-Shany has long been known as one of the thought leaders in digital print. As he travels the world and connects with customers and brands, he has the ability to see the future of the printing industry with a different perspective. We offer you a unique opportunity to hear from the HP Indigo General Manager in a new way.

Featured Speaker 3D Printing — Reinventing the Way the World Designs and Manufactures

Stephen Nigro, President of 3D Printing, HP

3D printing has the potential to disrupt and reinvent virtually every aspect of the $12 trillion manufacturing industry, unlocking unprecedented economic potential. The technology has broad, deep implications for design, productivity and labor, as well as distribution of global manufacturing capacity. Today, 3D printing is mainly for prototyping, but the promise is with production and manufacturing. Stephen Nigro will discuss the role of 3D printing in the next industrial revolution, HP’s innovation and what needs to happen to accelerate adoption as we move from prototyping to production.

Wednesday Deep Dive Session Customer Journey: From Trial to Loyalty

Bob Crostarosa, 20+ years as CMO in the Automotive After Market

Join a customer as they go from Googling a brand to becoming a loyal customer, and follow the many paths and challenges that occur on that journey. This session will cover communication streams that can be used to help attract new prospects, converting prospects into repeat customers, getting repeats to become frequent and ultimately converting them to loyal clients. Worksheets will be used for developing your own customer journey and the session includes interactive discussion and individual and group problem solving.

Wednesday Deep Dive Session Social Selling Strategies — Practical Tips to Grow Revenues

Linda Bishop, Thought Transformation

What is social selling? Social selling uses social media to build awareness, create interest, engage with people and open revenue-generating conversations with prospects and customers. Discover how to execute a social selling strategy in just 10 minutes a day. Learn what social media platforms work best for your situation, how to improve your LinkedIn profile and ways to make new sales. Social media can be used to develop, maintain and expand relationships with prospects and customers, but you need to know how to leverage it.

Sink or Share: Social Media is No Longer an Option for Your Business

Deborah Corn, Print Media Centr

The “share” generation will control billion of buying dollars by 2020. Printers and suppliers must learn how to connect and engage with the Millennials before it’s too late. Best practices for relevant social channels, tips for growing audience, reach and awareness included.

The Steps to a Successful Collaboration with Creatives and Brand Owners

Sabine Lenz, PaperSpecs

We all know print projects hum along so much easier and yield the absolute best results when the print service provider is involved early on. So why is it that so many designers still fail to take advantage of your knowledge and experience until the last possible moment? How can you ensure that designers and brand owners help you help them from the very beginning? Graphic designer and PaperSpecs.com Founder, Sabine Lenz will share powerful insights into what creatives expect from their print service provider; why they often wait till the last minute to include you in the planning; red flags you should not raise; and what a great collaboration will look like (for both sides).

The Keys to Marketing Success

Greg Grdodian, Reach Marketing

Today, your audience wants every communication to be personalized, timely and relevant to their needs. Unmet expectations result in lost sales, lost customers and eventually lost market share. Rest assured that our webinar, The Keys to Marketing Success will give you the playbook to exceed your audience’s expectations. You will learn these five keys.

  • Developing a Centralized Database
  • Performing Data Hygiene and Enhancement
  • Leveraging Augmented Reality
  • Lead Nurturing
  • Determining Attribution and ROI

Personalization: Back To The Future

Richard Askam, Woolly North Consulting

Global personalization expert Richard Askam will speak about the birth of digital personalization and customizable campaigns. Find out how personalization and 1:1 marketing are changing the marketplace. Dscoop members and the Dscoop network are at the heart of it all.

The Next Big Thing: Inkjet Development, Market Size, and Trends

Marco Boer, IT Strategies

Singlepass inkjet technology has proven to be more reliable and cost effective than initially projected, driving its growth forward at rates in excess of 20% annually during the last seven years. But yet the ability to print on a wide range of substrates has remained limited. This is about to change. Printhead, coatings, ink, and paper breakthroughs in the ability to print on standard offset papers will lead the way during the next seven years. This in turn will open up a range of new addressable applications beyond book and document printing, such as packaging, marketing collateral, and other general commercial print applications in volumes previously not economically feasible.

Embrace the Suck: How to Move Fast and Be Agile

Martin Aalsma, Documentation

Chaos and change have become a norm in this industry. To be successful and move fast, you need to be a disruptive, agile change agent. Learn the discipline of avoiding ritualized patterns and stagnant routines. With a mix of military, athletics and life lessons that draw comparisons to the competitive landscape, the take-aways will focus on agility and fast adaptability.

Make Your Mark on the Future

HP Indigo Marketing and R&D team

HP Indigo has a long history of designing products based on feedback from customers. Be part of history as you hear about possible solutions for the future and share your ideas with the HP Indigo scientists and R&D teams.

Emotional Engagement: Data Modeling Fuels Creative and Message Strategies for Compelling Results

Greg Dean, DME

Communications that are visually stimulating, interesting and relevant will generate a response and narrow the gap to conversion. Special insights into the psyche of the target audience can be used to create content that is “emotionally engaging.” Emotionally engaging direct marketing begins with multi-dimensional psychographic data modeling. The next evolution of big data gives us access into the personality/temperament of every recipient.

Managing Risk, Juggling Multiple Businesses and Swimming with Sharks

Charlie Williams, DigiWrap
Brad Boskovic, Lingraph Services Co.

Every company has to take some level of risk — some work out and others don’t. How you manage through and what you learn from it is what matters. Brad Boskovic and Charlie Williams know a lot about managing risk and juggling multiple businesses. They also know how to acquire investors. Hear more in this energizing session as they inspire you to take your own risks.

Follow the Signs for Growth — LF Signage for the Commercial Printer

Tom Giglio, HP

Signs, signs, everywhere are signs and all are pointing to profitability with rigid substrates. If you are a commercial printer and looking to find diversification and growth, come find out from other commercial printers how they have followed their signs to success with flatbed printers.

Effective Self-Promotional Campaigns that Increase Sales, Improve Employee Morale and Win Awards

Thanh Nguyen, The Standard Group

Many printers want to make the leap to MSP but don’t have the experience. Learn how The Standard Group made that leap through the creation of effective self-promotional holiday campaigns that acquire new sales, inspire customers, engage prospects, educate employees and win major industry awards. Learn the step-by step process and the tools they use to plan and create engaging, fun and effective holiday campaigns that include extensive variable data, personalized print, email, video and social media.

Training and Hiring Tomorrow’s Talent

Gary Peeling, Precision Printing

How do we find future leaders in the graphics industry? How do we as an industry aspire more young people to join us? Hear from ASU, Clemson University and Harper College as they share more on this real day challenge.

Real Life Business Expansion

Amanda Webster, Century Label

Century Label expanded their business capabilities by including the HP Indigo 8000. Hear how the press has changed their business and increased their overall efficiency. With a focus on color, this session will offer greater insights into how industry leaders are increasing their profits.

Leveraging Digital Marketing Strategies to Sell More Print

Jacob Walker, PrintCPG

Digital marketing, once an enemy of printers, can be one of its biggest assets. Printers should be implementing digital and social marketing strategies to sell more print. This session will focus on actual case studies and an in-depth how-to from an industry leader leveraging digital and social marketing strategies to grow multiple print brands. Attendees will walk away with knowledge and inspiration on how to apply these strategies for their own print business and leverage it into new products and services.

A Seven Step Plan for Sales Success

Kate Dunn, Infotrends

Did you know that some Print Service Providers still rely on sales and sales management practices that worked in the 70s? Sales management plans focus mainly on revenue generation and not on developing the sales organization for lasting success. Winning companies have thorough plans that help them both deliver revenue expectations and develop the sales organization for long term success. Attendees will learn the best practices of high performance sales organizations and a seven step process for building their own sales management plan.

The Bigger Spectrum

Silas Amos, Design Strategist/Author

Many of us know that for creative brand building, digital print can be about new opportunities and new rules. It’s hugely exciting, and approached the right way, an incredibly effective tool for marketing, but igniting enthusiasm and action from brands requires more than good ideas. It demands a unique way of looking at the role of pack, technology and channel. It’s about combining visionary thinking with clear immediate benefits and demystifying the steps that take a brand from artwork to the hearts and minds of consumers.

High-speed inkjet: Offset-Class Productivity and Quality are Changing the Game

David Murphy, HP

What is possible with inkjet today and, more importantly, where is this fast-evolving technology heading in the future? New applications, new markets, and new revenue streams are being captured now by HP customers — and new opportunities are unfolding every day. Learn about how HP PageWide Web Press technology is co-existing with and complementing other printing systems — both offset and digital. Hear how inkjet-enabled PSPs are capturing repeat high-volume digital jobs that require the productivity and capacity of offset by the versatility and efficiency of digital.

AIGA Philadelphia: 35 x 35 Project

Chris Buoni, Perfect Communications
Christine Sheller, AIGA Philadelphia
Bernardo Margulis, AIGA Philadelphia

In a very short time, print has gone from the dominant form of communication to a bit of an enigma. In this panel we will talk about the AIGA Initiatives which are: To create sense of mission and optimism for printers. Leverage the unique properties of print for marketing. Have designers engage print resources that will inspire others.

Print-to-Digital Engagement: Are Your Print and Package Materials Meeting the Challenge?

Larry Logan, Digimarc
Greg Glenday, Shazam

If your print materials and packaging are not digitally enhanced with 24x7 network access, you may be missing out on opportunities to capture this audience, capitalize on your existing assets or putting you at a competitive disadvantage in the marketplace. The inventor of the Digimarc Barcode, will demonstrate new solutions for creating print-to-digital experiences for increasing consumer engagement and brand loyalty. They’ll diagnose their successful campaigns with Coca-Cola, Target, Coors, BMW, Disney and other notable brands from around the world. Sharing their secrets and best practices to boost mobile interaction and communications channels to build ongoing engagement will also be discussed.

Marketing: Use All the Tools

Cece Smith, Toolbox Studios

Learn how to build a marketing campaign that works. Using case studies, this session will cover how to create a marketing plan or campaign from the ground up. Starting with the objective we will cover the entire process from discovery, targeting your audience, nurturing tools and technology, to the use of real-time data, andmeasuring sales and ROI.

Next Generation Sales — More Marketing, Less Schmoozing!

Andy Cranmer, Arnold Printing

PSPs are no longer selling ink and paper, we are selling ideas and solutions that create partnerships that go way beyond commoditized printing services. To do this, it is important to find the right people. learn how to attract them and bring new energy (and growth) to your organization.

Digital Disruption for the Décor Market

Dscoop Member Panel

Are you an early adopter, one who can take advantage of an opportunity with high margins and excellent growth? A panel of early adopters provides valuable insights into the décor market — best practices, market trends, the tremendous growth opportunities, the great profits that come with early adoption and the tips and tricks that made them successful.

Powerful Presentations that Win New Clients

Tim Arnold, Arnold Printing

We will dig into the nuts and bolts of how to plan, create and execute one-on-one presentations that will blow your prospects away and leave you standing out as the only obvious choice to be their preferred print marketing provider. If your prospect is expecting 5-star treatment, give them 10! Demonstrate your passion, knowledge, creativity and desire to exceed their expectations on a continual basis.

The Décor Deep Dive

Asaf Lavi, HP

This session will discuss hands on, practical ways to participate in the décor market. Hear about real life operation, production, finishing and selling into this market. Interact with technical experts on media and different applications that are known winners for the commercial printer.

Large Format Signage: Easy Adjacency for Expansion for the Commercial Printer

Dscoop Member Panel

Hear about the benefits of expanding into flexible large format signage: what made it easy, the differences between the LF and ?GCP markets, how the similarity of media can make the expansion much easier and what it takes to be successful in the flexible large format market.

The Key to Business Success: Leading with Innovation

Barbara Pellow, Infotrends

What must your business do today to remain competitive tomorrow? With the acceleration of new digital technologies, the answer to this question is far from simple. Although print still plays a vital role in today’s communications world, it is now only one of a multitude of media channels. In the face of digital disruption, print industry incumbents need to determine what they must do differently to survive and even thrive in the future. This session will provide insight into how to harness disruptive technology.

1,000,000 One-of-a-Kind Chocolate Bars

Eran Friedman, IIan Print

Facing increased competition from imported brands, Strauss Elite wanted to breathe new life and attract attention to its original Cow brand, in order to increase consumer engagement with the brand. Instead of a traditional red wrapper, each individual piece of the Cow Chocolate bar has a unique design, using HP smart stream mosaic technique the wrappers can be folded into one-of-a kind paper sculptures of cows using origami. This highly successful campaign was supported by TV and online advertising and marketing.

Color Control on the Spectrophotometer (SPM) Based HP Indigo Presses

Tim Stefl, HP

Color control, accuracy and consistency is a delicate balance. While it is an intricate science, it can also be like trying to herd cats. This “show and tell” discussion will include information on HP Indigo color-related calibrations: media fingerprint, 3DCC, and Full LUT Calibration; color manipulations — Pantone and Color Refinement and Digital Front End (DFE) management. Attendees will understand how HP Indigo applies the color science behind the RIPs and presses and how to best manage it.

Bring More Value to Your Current Press — Value Packs for Series 2, 3 and 4 HP Indigo Presses

Tim Stefl, HP

HP has always stated that the Indigo Presses won’t get left behind — yet many presses in the field have never undergone a Value Pack upgrade. Learn what is included in each upgrade and why Value Packs are so valuable! Components and overall programs, including reduced service and Click Rates will be presented. Discover the benefits and learn more about the opportunities available.

Enhancing Your Brands Customer Experience With You


The key to success is helping your customers succeed. Printers have a unique opportunity to deliver solutions that increase customer ROI and brand loyalty. Hear how Germark was able to deliver a custom solution for Dannon Yogurt that was unique. As the CEO of P&G said, “The eventuality of the world is a 1:1 relationship with every consumer… the first company who is able to create that 1:1 relationship by definition will win.” Learn how you can use your products and solutions to create that 1:1 relationship for your clients.

Lead Innovator of Unique Digital Variable Formats for the HP Indigo 10000

Jim Benedict, GLS/NEXT Precision Marketing

Jim Benedict, Marketing Director and Digital Innovator at GLS /NEXT Precision Marketing will share specific examples of how self-promotion and innovation can stimulate business with your customers, prospects and sales channels. The impact on your bottom line depends on innovation and making your business stand out as a thought leader in your market place. Utilizing Digital Variable combined with the HP Digital Presses, this show-and-tell session will inspire you to create smarter, impactful print campaigns that drive awareness and brand recognition to a higher level.

Jetcomm at DscoopPhoenix

Featured Speaker

Eric Wiesner, General Manager PWI, HP

Eric is general manager of HP’s PageWide Industrial division, which includes the broad portfolio of PageWide Web Presses and Scitex Industrial Presses. The division offers leading digital solutions addressing the corrugated packaging, high-volume commercial, and sign and display segments. R&D, operations, and marketing sites are in Netanya, Israel; San Diego, California, and Corvallis, Oregon.

Eric’s HP career began in 1984 as a materials engineer in HP’s printed circuit division. During his 33-year HP career, he has held engineering and leadership positions in supply chain, manufacturing, and research and development. Previously, Eric was R&D director for the central development lab for HP’s Graphics Solutions Business. There he led development of digital inks, media coatings, materials, long-life consumables, and software solutions used today by all of HPs graphics businesses.

Inkjet File Preparation-Best Practices

The quality of electronic files is the first step to print quality. For aqueous inkjet this is truly important as the image type, color space, compression, resolution, processing and conversion are just as important as the ink volume, custom paper linearization and color profiling used. For this session, we will discuss how to ensure your files and elements are the correct file formats and correct resolution for your paper and print expectations. We will also discuss image and pdf preparation tricks so you are optimizing the print quality for your HP inkjet device.

Inkjet Benefits of G7 Methodology

Mary Schilling, Schilling Inkjet Consulting

Inkjet Benefits of G7 methodology is about keeping all your devices in a “shared appearance.” For aqueous inkjet, G7 holds other benefits for controlling dot gain when using uncoated, inkjet or primed offset papers. These papers are made to help the ink dry, but they also have various rates of absorption, and for aqueous inks, this also means you will have various dot gain and flow causing lower image clarity for ½ and ¾ tones. This session will show the extremely beneficial aspects of adapting G7 methodology to your high speed aqueous inkjet process. Every marketing person can sell with confidence they are achieving the highest image quality and clarity of images while pressmen can reduce print distractions of mottle and coalescence issues on press.

KADOKAWA’s Book Business Transformation Strategy

Kenichi Igarashi, KADOKAWA Corporation

KADOKAWA provides an overview of Japan’s evolving book publishing industry with a discussion of the value of digitally-printed books. As an alternative to the traditional book printing model, publishers in Japan are now investing in digital presses for production of their own titles. KADOKAWA, the largest publisher in Japan, envisions a new industrial ecosystem for publishing that is led by digital book production.

The Art of Possibilities: Voodoo. Connecting the marketplace to HP.

Michelle Weir, HP

As the market leader for delivering world class technology, HP is working with publishers to provide unparalleled innovation that unlocks the value of a new digital ecosystem, using HP’s new cloud services platform, Voodoo. Voodoo connects the dots, enabling both the publishers and printers to actively engage in new opportunities, and expand the reach of their offerings by unlocking the value of a new digital print ecosystem.

Key Trends in Direct Mail and Customer Communications

Dr. Sean Smyth, Smithers Pira

While email, mobile and social media trends are often in the spotlight, the importance of engaging your customer’s attention through direct mail lives on as a dynamic and essential communication channel. The driving force and technology behind direct mail in the advertising market is constantly evolving and creating new opportunities for your business. Key trends to be discussed include addressed and door drop mail volumes, print projections, direct mail ROI and how direct mail fits into the customer communication management pipeline. Keep up with the latest information to get and keep your customer’s attention!